Giorgio Versace

Giorgio Versace is Bay City High's wannabe fashion icon.

Giorgio, however, doesn't follow the trends of the fashionable but creates his own. He is good at it, and he was voted the best-dressed Junior in the previous year's student yearbook.

Of course, best dressed is open to interpretation, but his friends love what he wears, and for Giorgio, that counts.

Giorgio is hip-to-hip with weightlifter Vladimir Varlamov, or as they say, in each other's pockets. They have been friends since before junior high and don't see any reason for their distinctly different lifestyles to change that.

Giorgio is also tight with Garik Shayk's group of friends. They accept him as he is, and together, they have the best of times.

Giorgio lives with his grandfather, Pyotr, and mother, Vanka. Both are walking fashion houses in their own rights, so Giorgio comes by it naturally.

We are introduced to Giorgio in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass, but we don't actually see him until Book 5, Taking the Tower, when Garik observes his friend in a video taken at a party in one of the upscale Stamford Suites apartments.