Raphaël Giannotti is a tree-trunk of a man, at least where his legs are concerned. He has been hybridized with the DNA of an African elephant, giving him gray-hued skin and a nose that requires more real estate than his face seems willing to give.

Raphaël's deep voice grinds like sandpaper on glass. His defining (and bankable) skill is his ability to find water in any form, no matter how remote the source. In a war-time situation, this skill can be the difference between life and death for moisture-starved troops.

We first meet Raphaël in Book 6 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Taking the Tower.

Fabiola Bello is a thick-bodied girl with a muscular stance and spiky blonde hair. She often stands with one leg propped up behind her, the sole of her shoe planted against the wall. She frequently flips her thumbs back and forth, a gesture that reveals her easily distracted nature and general flippancy and intentionally sends the message that she plans to mess with your mind, so get ready.

Fabiola goes by Fabi to those who know her well. DNA-combined with a honeybee, she aces nonverbal communication; and geography and geometry are second nature to her.

We first meet Fabiola in Book 6 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Taking the Tower. 

Joachim Warakaulle carries a South Pacific vibe. His hair and skin reflect the orange-streaked brown colorization found on shells of Atlantic lobster, the source of his DNA enhancement. Joachim's lobster heritage gives him special enzymes that continually repair his DNA structure for extended mobility and agility. 

Joachim continually drops the word "man" into his conversations. He is captivated by the idea of "us" and "them" and sees life as the peons versus the overlords and likes to share his views. The social class struggle of life defines his relationship to the world. 

We first meet Joachim in Book 6 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Taking the Tower.

Mike Lamonte's bovine DNA has given him an unusual ability. He has 330-degree panoramic vision and can see everything in that arc at the same time.

Mike's hearing makes him especially sensitive to high and low frequencies, meaning that he picks up subvocalization exceptionally well. He can also hear dog whistles and even vocalization between bats, opening all sorts of possibilities for secretive communication in a war zone-type, highly volatile situation. 

His large eyes can stand out, but dark glasses (or goggles) help distract from this unusual physical characteristic.

We first meet Mike in Book 6 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Taking the Tower.

Charlotte Mnich is eye-catchingly bright. Her hummingbird DNA heritage is reflected in the natural iridescent patches all over her skin. To observers, she appears to wear a body suit, but every glittering inch is fully hers, and she is proud of her looks.

Charlotte's hair is a natural emerald green and matches her eyes. She calls people "sweetie" especially when she wants to put them in their place.

We first meet Charlotte in Book 6 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Taking the Tower.