Veronika Abbink

Veronika Abbink has been modified with a chameleon and can change her skin color. As she moves from background to background, her skin tone changes slightly to reflect her surroundings.

Veronika wears large earrings, often in a hoop style. Her smile reveals oversized teeth. She dresses in bright, neon colors to minimize her changing skin colors and is usually seen with a messenger bag over her shoulder. 

Veronika is driven by a need for people to work together. One side effect of this drive is her never-ending efforts to match people up. 

Veronika doesn't have a boyfriend, but she wants everyone else to have one. She calls other women "girlfriend" especially when she is excited or wants to make a point.

We first meet Veronika in Book 5 of The Human-Hybrid Project, The Glass Siege.