Michelle Vazquez

Michelle Vazquez is the psychiatric nurse for the research program. She wears glasses and many of her clothes still have shoulder pads, giving her that strong, authoratative look she craves.

If you visit her office, you will almost always find fresh flowers on her desk. To Michelle's detriment, she can't remember patients' names, often calling them Dear or Honey.

In college Michelle was kicked out for cheating. She recovered but at great expense.

She overwintered one year in Antarctica. She wants nothing more than to return.

Michelle's greatest failing is that she still cheats when it becomes easy.

If asked to give one goal she never achieved but that is still possible for her, she wouldn't have to think about it. She wants to become a parachutist, above all else.

We first meet Michelle in Book 2 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Inside the Darkness.