Basement Level 5

Basement Level 5 has the smallest footprint in the expansive and hidden basement complex under the Corona Tower. Exiting the main elevators leads directly into holding chambers for various animals (mammalian, avian, and aquatic) used in the human-hybrid project's testing.

Also on Level 5 are the experimental results that are alive but unable to function independently. Many are intelligent, but often they are not. They are retained as resource material until they are no longer needed when they are either euthanized or sent to the Tower's sister facility being built in the isolated and forbidding wastelands of northern Canada.

Additional temporary living quarters for failed hybrids who are functional but no longer useful to the human-hybrid project's ultimate goals is reached deeper within the labyrinth of corridors on Level 5. This portion of the facility is accessed through double glass doors hermetically sealed from the area housing the animal cages, with positive pressure from within the housing area to prevent anything outside from getting inside. The spaces inside are living quarters of a sort, but spartan and with a temporary feel. No one remains for long on Level 5 before being harvested or shipped out to other more appropriate venues. 

Level 5 also contains the underground power plant for Corona Tower. It is not on the building's plans (nor is the any of the basement, not in the way it is being used). The secretive power plant is designed to provide continual power to the building in case of a city power failure and to hide the massive power needs of the research facility. If the facility draws attention to itself, even in the amount of power it consumes . . . well, it's just better that it doesn't.

Garik Shayk first visits Basement Level 5 with his girlfriend Marisa Bruni in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.