The Elevator

The elevator in Corona Tower is pivotal to keeping the public unaware of the research center in the building's massive basement complex.

The main elevator opens directly onto the mall and has two cars. Never wait, never late! is a Tower motto.

Accessing the cars without a passkey only takes you between the mall level and the main lobby one floor up. To reach the upper floors in the Tower, you must use both a passkey and a palm scanner. The main elevator will access the five basement levels, but those floors are restricted to people with proper clearance. To keep down curiosity, only the options that are available to you will appear on the control panel when you insert your passkey. Any passkey can be limited to a single or range of floors.

Corona Tower has multiple elevators. With the underground complex covering 64 city blocks, it would be unreasonable to expect one elevator to service the entire complex. Aboveground, Stamford Suites has a private elevator that services only the six floors of the hotel, including a service elevator for hotel workers. Belowground, numerous elevators run just within the research complex. The hospital on Basement Level 4 has direct access via its own elevators to the underground parking garage.

You can tell if you are in the main elevator by the mirrored ceiling. It is the only elevator to have this distinctive feature.

We first see the Corona Tower elevator in operation in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.