Bay City Airport

Bay City Airport sits outside Bay City proper.

With Bay City inside a concave bowl cupping the shore around The Docks and Harbor Shipyards, there is no good location for an airport runway within Bay City. The shorefront lies north and the Air Force base stretches to the west. East of Bay City is forested and good for logging but not much else.

That leaves the airport one direction. South.

Sycamore south past Avenue M and Stanwick Hill levels off in the suburbs to form fingerling highways that branch off inland into less dramatic areas of the state. About 40 minutes out, the airport grows on the horizon before the first road signs appear.

The single passenger terminal is shaped like an airplane wing resting on a long, glass rectangle. Inside is open and airy with suspended mobiles and other artwork hanging from the interior ceiling structure. 

A second terminal, more functional in form, caters to the business end of airport life. Trucks from Interstate Transport are in and out of the back entrance to Bay City Airport on an hourly basis. 

Garik never visits Bay City Airport in The Human-Hybrid Project, and we don't find it on any city maps, but we hear of Bay City Airport in Book 7, The Rage, where we learn its international status. Bring your passport and travel to exotic destinations, all available within a hour's drive from home!