Bay City Cassel Bay

Bay City Cassel Bay

Garik Shayk enjoys exploring his home town.

The shore is especially fascinating to him, especially when he can convince his girlfriend, Marisa, to join him.

Garik has explored the city wharf with its four massive docks, but he has also made his way to Cassel Dunes. It's a short distance from the city. Look for Clam Cove and Birch Inlet. Make your way over the narrow isthmus of land connecting the northern and southern sections of Cassel Dunes, and you'll find yourself surrounded by the sea.

If it's low tide, you can cross to the northernmost section of the Dunes. Watch the time, or you may be wading on the way back! A storm breached the dunes back in the early part of the 20th century, leaving Widow's Washout as a challenge for the brave of heart.

You can still see the submerged ledge where Cassel Bay Light stood in the mid-nineteenth century, but there's nothing left now. The lighthouse was wooden, and it burned to the ground little more than a decade after it was constructed.

Divers often anchor off Cassel Dunes, or near Seal Rocks or Dead Man's Ledge. Modern depth finders keep ships safe, and you can dive to view the four best-preserved wrecks in Cassel Bay: the SS Johannesburg (1901); the Amelia Caroline (1841), the Rescue, a tugboat, (1936); and the SS Galveston (1888). All are lodged in shallow water, and you can snorkel them at low tide.

Garik has never been to Seal Rocks or Dead Man's Ledge, but they are visible at low tide, and he imagines that someday he might. Once he gets his Street Strider working ... and gets out of school ... and gets out from under the thumb of his aunt's boyfriend ... and finally kisses his girlfriend for the first time ... and, and, well ... someday.

We first visit the waterfront and Cassel Bay in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Series, Shattered by Glass.

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