Paul Gberie

Paul Gberie is a jokster who loves to tease. He laughs a lot, although he sometimes pushes people's buttons with his jokes. He can be insensitive but he claims it is all in good fun.

Paul has been modified with an octupus, enabling him to morph both his skin color and texture to match and blend into any surroundings. He wears beaded clothing in South African colors and patterns. The beads are LED lights to mimic his body's changes, essentially allowing his clothes to disappear with him.

Paul has large lips and dusky skin. At first glance, he appears feminine, but as soon as he speaks, the gravelly timbre of his voice reminds listeners he is male.

Paul's strangest oddity becomes apparent when he smiles. He has had his mother's initials set into his front two teeth in gleaming gold inlay.

We first meet Paul in Book 5 of The Human-Hybrid Project, The Glass Siege.