Stanners Tower

Stanners Tower is located at Eighth and Elm.

Eighth runs for six blocks from Laurel on the west to Sycamore on the east, then past Sycamore for an additional three blocks to the new City Hall. When City Hall was built, the construction consumed three blocks of Eighth. Past City Hall, Eighth resumes for two blocks before turning into Lilac at Park Avenue.

West of Laurel, going north, the east-west street names jump from Sixth to Washington to Ninth.

Stanners Tower is a rectangular box of a building, nineteen stories, with large balconies on the north side facing the bay. Shady Ridge Acres, an upscale residential area, is just across Ninth. Beyond that, the upper floors of the tower can see Waldorf's Department Store, and more distant, the shore and Cassel Dunes to the west. 

In the Seventies, Stanners Tower was the go-to place for Bay City richies for views, easy downtown access, and address recognition. Now, Corona Tower and the Williams Street Apartments have greater allure. 

While in Old Town on the West Side, Stanners Tower overlooks the trendier Downtown Bayside location that starts one block away. When units in Stanners come on the market, the descriptions always include, "Adjacent to Shady Ridge Acres and the exclusive Bayside area."

Stanners Tower is first mentioned in Book 5 of The Human-Hybrid Project, The Glass Siege.