Ineke Van Stekelenburg

Ineke Van Stekelenburg is slender and tall, with small eyes and dark hair.

If you are a careless speaker, trust Ineke to jump in and set you straight. She has an innate understanding of grammar and how it works. She has been labeled the grammar police by people who don't appreciate her skill. Ineke is prone to overpronunciation, although English is her native language.

Ineke can come across as aloof, even distant. She was dumped by a former boyfriend and feels scarred by the experience.

Ineke has been modified with an ant for strength. One side effect of her DNA melding is her ability to spit formic acid in defense. She carries a paper photo of herself "pre-hybrid" to remind herself that what she is now isn't what she always was.

We first meet Ineke in Book 5 of The Human-Hybrid Project, The Glass Siege.