The Marshes

The Marshes is comprised of tidal flood lands located to the northeast of Bay City between Overlook Drive and Harbor Shipyards.

During full moons, The Marshes completely floods in an inrush of water that brings shorebirds by the flocks. Neap tides are great for clamming, and locals regularly go out in small boats with clam rakes to gather in their haul. 

The best thing about The Marshes is the view from Scenic Drive. Daybreak sparkles on the pockets of water exposed by the grass, and evenings are a time of birds and quiet reflection. From the upper floors of Corona Tower, The Marshes is a protected natural jewel beyond price.

That is, unless you are Corona Corporation, then even that is within the reach of your immensely deep pocketbook.

We first learn of The Marshes in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Series, Shattered by Glass.