Pill Hill

Pill Hill is the residential area just south of Corona Tower.

The original Bay City Medical Complex was where Corona Tower now sits. In the Forties, Pill Hill's gently rolling terrain—within easy walking distance of the old hospital—became prime real estate for the high-paid medical profession who were often on call for medical emergencies. "I'll be there in five," were gratifying words for the critically ill.

Today, the area is filled with architecturally significant homes, most which have been renovated many times. The bones have been kept both because they were originally good and because the Bay City Historical Commission oversees every detail of every renovation.

Pill Hill is a colloquial nickname, of course, although the term has found its way onto city maps. Pill Hill's official name is Stanners Ridge. It was named for the family that built Stanners Tower and lived in the penthouse for many years.

Each Christmas, Pill Hill's homeowner's organization lights the trees and sidewalks. Pill Hill glows like a birthday cake with too many candles, and drive-thru tours make the most of every light.

We first find mention of Pill Hill in Book 6 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Taking the Tower.