Williams Street Apartments

Williams Street Apartments trends high on places to live in Bay City.

The complex consists of four buildings that run for nine blocks in brick, stone, and wood, fronted in decorative windows and recessed balconies that provide individuality within buildings that ramble for nearly three blocks at a gallop. The majority of the project (Buildings A-C) is between Shorefront Blvd. on the north and Williams Street on the south. Plymouth and Columbus streets bracket the sprawling buildings west and east, and two streets cut through from Williams to Shorefront, Pinta and Welton. At Williams and Shell Street, a fourth building (Building D) faces southwest and covers one block from Shorefront to Pawnee.

Parking is underneath the buildings and disguised by stone walls, wooden fencing, and landscaping.

Affordability is relative, but to be near Bay City's waterfront, Williams Street Apartments is as close to affordable as you get. Location, location, location. Waldorf's Department Store, a premier shopping destination in Bay City, is four blocks south. Interstate Transport and Argyle Station are a handful of blocks southwest. East a quarter mile is Harbor Shipyards. And of course, across Shorefront is The Docks, historical home to the heart of Bay City's lifeblood and soul.

Who wouldn't choose Williams Street Apartments as home? 

No apartments open directly to Shorefront. Follow Williams east to Shell and south one block to Pawnee to access Sycamore Ave., which takes you anywhere you want in Bay City, including Corona Tower, a short ten-block drive along Sycamore. Another ten blocks south on Sycamore, take Ninth east to Central Park and The Martial Arts Center. From Ninth, south on Industrial gives easy access to Bay City Medical and Bay City Industrial Park.

Just west of Williams Street Apartments along Shorefront Blvd. is Cassel Dunes, the fist of land that thrusts into the Pacific to guard the bay against winter storms. Buildings A-C have unobstructed views of the Dunes from the Shorefront side, and Building D has limited views. The best views from Building D are from the upper floors. The lower floors in Building D are the most affordable with their lack of open views.

Visit Williams Street Apartments, Your Residence on the Water for a Month or a Lifetime. Welcome Home.

We first learn of Williams Street Apartments in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.