Regina Kournikova

Regina Kournikova is a lithe, blonde cheerleader at Bay City High.

Of course, that's just during the school year. In summer, she's casual jeans, pizza, and nothing to do, meaning she is always on the lookout for someone with plans so she can tag along.

Regina is lost without direction, and her mother loves to give her that. One thing her mother keeps Regina involved in is running. It keeps her daughter in shape for any upcoming cheerleading tryouts. You are how people see you, and if you can't be a cheerleader, what's the point in attending high school?

Of course, Garik doesn't believe that, but he's heard Regina's mother say it. Still, Regina is in several of Garik's classes, and he finds her good company. Their freshman year, they were assigned a joint science project, and Regina was surprisingly capable. Gark was certain he would have failed without Regina's participation, and their shared success created a lasting friendship between the two.

We first learn of Regina Kournikova in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass, but Garik's memory of her brings her name back into the story several times.