Senior Airman Shan Vang

Shan Vang comes from two worlds, as reflected in his name. His mother is Cambodian but his father is Irish. His first name reflects his father's influence but his last name tells the world that his mother raised him alone after his father abandoned them.

At 5'4", Shan feels he has something to prove. His background, however, demands deferential politeness to those over him. His bravado comes out behind people's backs, where he often says more than he should.

Shan has a way of lifting his head and talking down his nose to people. He doesn't realize he's doing it. To Shan's way of thinking, all men abandon their responsibilities in the end, and he sees no reason he should trust a one of them.

Shan desperately wants his pilot's license. It's the reason he joined the Air Force. He can't understand how his attitude repeatedly hinders his chances at moving forward in the organization.

We first meet Shan Vang in Book 2 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Inside the Darkness.