The Gaming Center

The gaming center is located on Basement Level 2 near the quarters frequented by the successful hybrids in the human-hybrid project. It can be easily identified by its entrance of honed steel and bright red paint. A wide doorway opens to the corridor, revealing a darkened, pulsing interior filled with constant action.

As with any gaming center, there are virtual venues, standard gaming consoles, and role-playing alternatives. In addition, this gaming center caters to the skills developed by the humans who have undergone the hybridization process. 

Successful and unsuccessful hybrids (as long as they are functionally mobile) have access to the gaming center. Hybrids train on Basement Level 3, but they test their skills against one another on Level 2 in the gaming center.

There is one rule: No Blood. Many of the hybrids have been bred for deadliness. And it wouldn't do to kill off the cream of the research center's very expensive crop just as it ripens to full mental, physical, and financial readiness.

We first visit the gaming center in Book 2 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Inside the Darkness.