Swizzel's Shoes

Swizzel's Shoes is located at Ninth and Forest Avenue. Across the street to the east is The Luncheon Lady, a boutique deli that caters to the City Hall crowd.

Just south across Ninth is City Hall. 

Forest Avenue used to run from Park Avenue 13 blocks south to the old Bay City Med complex 7 blocks north. When the new City Hall was built, two blocks of Forest and adjacent McKinley were eaten by the six square blocks allocated to the new city building and its surroundings. 

The area south of City Hall might have less convenient access to Swizzel's Shoes, but the real money is north towards Corona Tower. The richies in Shady Ridge Acres can access Swizzel's from Ninth, and Overlook Estates can take Corona west to Forest and go south for 6 blocks. Pill Hill and the old money located there is within walking distance, except no one in Pill Hill would deign to walk even two blocks to shop for shoes. What are chauffeurs for, after all?

Swizzel's Shoes is in a new construction building, with pink stucco and white, ornamental crown molding outside, but Swizzel's Shoes has a long history with Bay City. They were originally located on Tenth, Ext., one block north of Tenth, in the old MacDouglas Apothecary Building. The MacDouglas, adjacent to Pill Hill, was ripe for conversion to upscale condos, and West Coast Remodeling and Leasing bought out their lease and offered them ten years free rent in the new digs on Forest.

Swizzel's shoes also offers a cobbler service for upscale shoes that need a resole or other quality repair work.

We first encounter Swizzel's Shoes in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.