LUCKY! Station

LUCKY! Station, more commonly known as LUCKY!, is located at Powerline Drive, Hoover, and Cowden. 

LUCKY! has one thing going for it: Location, Location, Location! Situated at one of two overpasses that bridge the powerline right-of-way, it covers a two-block long wedge of land left when the right-of-way ripped through the existing city infracture, leaving half- and quarter-blocks along its length. The Station is on a tapering wedge of land, perfect for a store and a long row of pumps.

LUCKY! provides fuel and a selection of snack goods, plus a fair choice of refrigerated items. It's also a convenient stop off for visitors to Bay City Medical, as Cowden dead-ends at the medical complex.

Cowden (and LUCKY!) is central to Garik's pre-Tower life. Upon crossing the Cowden Street Bridge, Cowden becomes Avenue C. Follow Avenue C west from LUCKY! for 5 blocks, and we come to Connel Street Skate Park, a favorite summertime haunt for Garik. Another 6 blocks west reveals The Flower Shop, the store owned and operated by the parents of Garik's girlfriend, Marisa. Yet another 4 blocks west brings us to City View Apartments, where Garik's aunt Irina lives and where Garik has resided since his arrival from his native Russia.

We first learn of LUCKY! Station in Book 4 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Reflections of the Silverback.