First United Congregation Church

First United Congregation Church is more often shortened to First United Church, or simply First United.

First United is located on Thomas Road, a thoroughfare that runs 20 blocks from the Corona Tower in the north to the Ransom Communications Building on the south side of the city. On the south side of the Ransom, Thomas continues for a number of additional blocks, becoming what is informally called Far South Thomas.

First United takes up its entire block, with Thomas to the west, Connel to the east, and Fourth and Third north and south, respectively. The church has one of the most prominent spires in the city and enjoys a range of volunteer bell ringers to man the bells on special occasions. 

First United is 2 blocks off Sycamore, 5 from Park Avenue, 10 from Corona Tower, and 10 from the Ransom Building, giving it a very central location in Bay City. With its easy access to Sycamore, many of the most influential members of Bay City society attend First United.

First United sits in what many people consider prime Bay City real estate. The Bay City Transportation Depot is three blocks away at Second and McKinley; the Police Department is 2 block north and 5 east between Eisenhower and Park Avenue; City Hall can be reached by going 3 blocks north along Connel, and Old City Hall is less than 5 blocks away at First and Sycamore.

Visitors to Bay City often receive directions starting with, "See the First United spire? From there ..." or, "If you get lost, look for the First United spire. From there, you can get anywhere."

We first visit First United Congregation Church in Book 4 of The Human-Hybrid Series, Reflections of the Silverback.