Jeffrey Howard

Jeffrey Howard wears the title of  IT Oversight and Security Specialist.

A thin man, Jeffrey is normally seen in a suit with a thin tie that emphasises his slenderness. He is forgetful with his glasses, keeps his hair short on the sides but likes to maintain a thick shock on top.

You wouldn't know it by watching, but Jeffrey is detail oriented. His focus on detail keeps him from connecting well with the world around him.

Jeffrey likes to repeat himself, whether in words and phrases, or stories of not being able to plug in his electric car.

Jeffrey has endured two divorces, both from his lack of attention to his relationships. He drives an electric car and thinks it's a crime against the environment to own anything else.

Jeffrey has written a computer game. It is currently in beta test mode, and he asks Garik to test it for him.

We first meet Jeffrey in Book 3 of The Human-Hybrid Project, The Mirror Cracks. Jeffrey is unrelated to Joseph Howard, whom we previously met in Book 2.