The Basements

Corona Tower has five private and secretive basements, none of which are available or made known to the public.

The Tower basements are far larger than the Tower footprint suggests, hence the reason for the Corona Tower Mall.

One notable feature of the Corona Tower basements is found in the lowest level, Basement 5. A massive power generating plant provides power for the entire Tower, allowing the Tower to be fully functional if city power ever goes offline, but more importantly, the Tower's power plant disguises the vast amout of energy consumed by the research facility that covers all five floors of Corona Tower's basement.

The five individual basement levels will be discussed separately in additional posts, but all five are enclosed in what is essentially a faraday cage. All exterior electronic feeds are hardwired into or out of the basements. Wireless technology within the basement complex is restricted to the human-hybrid project's internal servers and Wi-Fi emitters.

Our initial foray into the basements of Corona Tower is in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.