Hidden Lakes and Dragonflies

HiddenLakesandDragonfliescoverfrontv9bA collection of poems celebrating one man's life.

“On a thread not long ago, I was reminded that, whether we believe in fate or not, whatever we write is fated, by its nature of being a story. This made me think of the odd and seemingly incompatible differences between fiction (what we wish for, perhaps) and reality. I think we do what we can to bring the good parts of our fiction and fantasies into real life, but even that has unforeseen consequences.” 

Roger Dale Reynolds 

July 16, 1969 – October 20, 2010 

From Avalon to Zanzibar; from city lights to starry nights, from infant oracles hovering around wax candles to blazing campfires in snow-topped mountain passes, Hidden Lakes and Dragonflies is a timely collection of poetry, as seen from the real-life experiences of a man, whose imagination captured the humor, fantasy, romance, and wonders of nature that will bring a smile to your face, or maybe a tear to your eyes.

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