Basement Level 2

Garik Shayk wakes up in his new quarters on Basement Level 2 at the beginning of Book 2, Inside the Darkness.

As we move down each level in the basement system, they get progressively smaller, although that's only relative to the enormous 64-square-block Level 1. Basement 2 loses some space that is given over to parking in Basement 1, but to walk the corridors and learn the various sections on this level is still a prodigious act of will.

One entire section of Basement 2 is allocated to the research facility's labs, which are extensive. Also, since many of the researchers are not from Bay City, a generous portion of Basement 2 is allocated to housing, including a two parks, an "outdoor" pool, and dwarf trees lining street-wide corridors, all known as Corona City. It's all done to minimize claustrophobia and burnout. The Corona Corporation quickly realized it's easier to retain people than it is to retrain them.

Also on Basement 2 are quarters for the successful hybrids, a large recreation center with specialized activity areas for various strains of hybridized humans, an emergency clinic (the actual hospital is two floors down), and a combined snack and break area with a small, fully stocked kitchen. Everyone on Basement Level 2 is requested to dine in the cafeteria on Basement 1, unless their quarters has a full kitchen and they are fully prepared to cook and clean up after themselves.

The recreation area on this level includes a two-story climbing wall that juts into Level 1, with windows for the military crew housed there to observe the climbers good enough to display their skills on the most difficult routes; a full glass-walled water room for those who are aquatic-adapted; boxing facilities; running tracks; and other sports venues.

We are introduced to Basement Level 2 in Book 2 of The Human-Hybrid Project, inside the Darkness.