Paramilitary Team Member Kurt Rodgers

Paramilitary Team Member Kurt Rodgers is of German extraction.

Rodgers grew up with stories of his German forebears, although he was born and raised in Argentina. 

He was never told who in his family held high-ranking military office in the Nazi regime, but the atrocities of WWII were always brushed over lightly in his family's historical annals.

It was necessary, wasn't it? And besides, it was war. Move on.

Rodgers has always wanted to reclaim that level of pride, and the paramilitary upgrade is his path to that end.

In the Tower's basement conflict where Luis Rodrigo attempts to dominate Garik Shayk for revenge, Rodgers is brought down when John Carter freezes him with his DNA-enhanced ability to "ice" others with his wood frog blood.

We meet Kurt Rodgers for the first and only time in Book 7 of The Human-Hybrid Project, The Rage.