City Hall

Bay City's new City Hall was an answer to a question no one had thought to ask when the original City Hall at First and Sycamore was built in 1894.

The Old City Hall survived two earthquakes but not the growth of Bay City. The Old City Hall became a museum and a park, and the new City Hall found a home eight blocks northeast.

The new City Hall takes up six city blocks along Ninth. Three blocks of Eighth Street between Connel and Douglas were subsumed into the new city complex on the east-west axis, and two blocks each of Forest Avenue and McKinley running north-south. The new City Hall sits at the northern border of Old Town East Side, and city maps reflect that. However, for all practical purposes, most people consider the location part of the Uptown East Side, which starts just across Ninth and extends to The Marshes northeast of the city.

A major benefit of the new location for Bay City's City Hall is its proximity to the Bay City Police Department. They are separated by the parking garage that services both the Police Department and City Hall. Access is through under-street walkways at Sixth and at Eisenhower.

From the new City Hall, Corona Tower is visible down unobstructed Forest Avenue, which dead ends into Corona Street at Corona Tower.

We are introduced to the new City Hall in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.