Overlook Estates

Overlook Estates abuts the back side of Corona Tower just across Stamford Drive.

Overlook Estates is an upscale residential development of streets and cul-de-sacs filled with trees and landscaped shrubbery. If you live in Overlook Estates, you likely have a gardening service visit your house weekly in summer, though less often in the winter.

Overlook Estates was named for the view past Scenic Drive to the north. The Marshes, a saltwater flood plain that separates Bay City from Harbor Shipyards, is filled with marshy grasses and wildlife year round and is renowned for its birding opportunities. No streets in Overlook Estates open to Scenic Drive, but cars along Scenic can see the houses back toward town like jewels buried in the trees, especially at night, when uplights in the trees make the neighborhood magical.

Overlook Estates might be upscale, but it is also comfortable and restrained. Most residences are partially hidden by trees and landscaping. Even from the upper floors of the Tower, few of the houses can be clearly seen except when the trees lose their leaves in winter.

Overlook Estates is for money that doesn't need to show off. Only the deepest of pockets live in Overlook.

We are introduced to Overlook Estates in Book 3 of The Human-Hybrid Project, The Mirror Cracks.