Dieter Schafer

Dieter Schafer is a high school senior at Bay City High.

Dieter is a recent arrival in Bay City. He lives in Corona Tower in Stamford Suites with his father.

Dieter has a slim build with a thick shock of tousled hair cut short on the sides. He over-enunciates many words as English is not his native language, and he occasionally has to search for the correct thing to say. He has full, expressive lips and a wide smile. 

The exclusive luxury of his Stamford Suites apartment is lost on Dieter. He wants nothing more than to be a skater. His father is undergoing treatment at Bay City Medical, and to make his son happy (and to entertain him on days he is in treatment), Dieter's father has outfitted an abandoned warehouse as an indoor skate park. 

In Garik's absence, Dieter has filled in for him with Muhammad Saud and Ibn Hariri. He is excited when Garik shows up. To Dieter, Garik is an underground legend, the boy who managed to break into the off-limits and highly secretive basement research compound located underneath the Corona mall. Deiter's friends often call him Deet. He skates with a Baker Brand board.

We first meet Dieter in Book 4 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Reflections of the Silverback.