Corporal Rory Williams

Corporal Rory Williams is with the Canadian Armed Forces and first meets Garik Shayk when Garik disarms him outside the Canadian facility near Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. 

Later, Williams is assigned as Garik's guide in the facility and arranges for Garik to meet with members of the Canadian Armed Forces for a question-and-answer session about the hybrids and what they can do.

Williams is befriended by Stephen Klandermans and they become drinking buddies. Williams regularly gets soused, but as a hybrid, Klandermans' body neutralizes the alcohol. He borrows Williams’ keycard when Garik asks him for help in accessing the electrified sword.

It is Williams' filched keycard that gives Garik access to the sword so that he can make repairs.

We first meet Corporal Rory Williams in Book 10 of The Human-Hybrid Project, The Russian's Revenge.