Major Kevin Linkletter

Major Kevin Linkletter is over the Canadian facility outside Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.

As a senior member of the Canadian Armed Forces, Linkletter's words carry weight. He can come across as harsh, but his men love him and appreciate that he stands up for them and treats them with respect.

Linkletter is fully aware of the program in California and the extent to which Weston Rodheimer and Halo Sunchaser have skirted the precepts of basic human rights. His indignation is tempered by two holdbacks: 1. He is based in a different country, and his authority is limited against a U.S. facility. 2. He is unsure whether the hybrids are still fully human, and if not, whether human rights protocols still apply.

We first meet Major Linkletter in Book 10 of The Human-Hybrid Project, The Russian's Revenge.