Loren Gershon

Loren Gershon is a physician's assistant and nurse in the Level 4 hospital under the Corona Tower.

She boasts red hair and freckles and has a reputation for kindness with her patients. She has a tendency to limp when she turns on her left foot due to having a toe accidently cut off by her brother when she was a child. 

Loren's worst quality (for someone in the medical field) is her impulse to smoke a cigarette after surgery. She tells everyone it is her "stress relief" to calm her nerves.

Loren wants to stop smoking, and she has acquired a telescope for stargazing on the mall on clear nights. She hopes to replace her compulsion to smoke with a passion for viewing the planet Mars when it is visible in the night sky.

We first meet Loren in Book 8 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Sunchaser's Gambit.