Shady Ridge Acres

Shady Ridge Acres is an upscale "richie's" neighborhood just north of Ninth and consists of winding streets and cul-de-sacs. 

From Shady Ridge, many of the houses have outstanding views across Downtown Bayside to The Docks and the massive sand fist stretching into the ocean called Cassel Dunes.

Corona Drive is just to the north, but no streets in Shady Ridge open onto Corona or Ninth. The neighborhood stretches for ten city blocks, with access from the east on Birch and from the west on Plymouth. The two main streets in Shady Ridge Acres are Shady Ridge Drive and Shady Oaks Terrace. Numerous courts or cul-de-sacs open off both Shady Ridge and Shady Oaks. A third street, Shady Lane, fills out Shady Ridge Acres. One additional court opens off Shady Lane.

Shady Oaks and Shady Lane also open to Tenth Street, which runs unbroken from Plymouth to Columbus and is lined with upscale businesses. Tenth crosses Sycamore to the east, making easy access for traffic from Shady Ridge Acres to the rest of Bay City.

If you love the water but not the hustle and bustle of the shore, Shady Ridge Acres is the place for you. Location, location, location, as the real estate ads shout. Argyle Station to the west, Corona Tower to the east, and Waldorf's Department Store just down the hill. There is no better place to build your dream home than Shady Ridge!

We first discover Shady Ridge Acres in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.