Waldorf's Department Store

Waldorf's Department Store is the upscale shopping location in Bay City.

Located in the prime Downtown area west of Sycamore and north of Ninth, Waldorf's is ideally located for easy access from Shady Ridge Acres, an upscale residential development; The Cliffs, old money from before Corona Tower; and across Sycamore, Overlook Estates, backing up to the high-end Corona Tower area; and Pill Hill, where the medical profession from half a century earlier built their baronial mansions just across from Central Park.

Waldorf's is also a big draw for the Williams Street Apartments residents only four blocks away down Bleaker, Walton, Maria, or Village.

Waldorf's sits in a sea of landscaped parking. Inside are four floors of indoor and outdoor courts, two restaurants, and a high-end furniture department. Waldorf's even has its own travel agency. Charge your trip to your Waldorf's card and pay it out over six months, interest free!

Waldorf's big promotion each year is their Shell Sale. Items throughout the store go on sale at 10 percent off with a white "shell" tag. Each week the tags change colors. Blue for 20 percent. Yellow for 30. Green for 40, then orange, red, pink, and purple. At 80 percent off (purple), items can be pretty picked over, but the sale still draws shoppers. After all, when you can say, "I got it at Waldorf's," it doesn't matter if it's what you really wanted. It's where it comes from that counts.

 We first learn of Waldorf's Department Store in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.