Bay City Map

Bay City Map 3

Bay City is divided into five neighborhoods: Downtown Bayside, containing Waldorf's Department Store; Uptown East Side with Corona Tower; the East Side Parks Area where we find Ai Kee!; Old Town East Side with Connel Street Skate Park; and Old Town West Side where City View Apartments (Garik Shayk's home) is located.

Garik travels 4 blocks to The Flower Shop (not pictured) on Sycamore owned by his girlfriend's parents. Ai Kee! is about 26 blocks away. Garik's aunt travels 6 blocks to visit Fasst Market when the Social Services monthly meal box runs low and she cannot get someone to make the grocery run for her.

Distances to Locations in Shattered by Glass: (from Garik's house/apartment)

Fasst Market - 6 blocks

Old City Hall - 8 blocks

Connel Street Skate Park - 10 blocks

Ransom Communications Building - 11 blocks

Kang's Garage - 18 blocks by way of the Avenue C/Cowden Street overpass

Kerre's Dive - 21 blocks (a place 17-year-old Garik knows of but would never visit)

We Got Junk - 10 blocks

Ai Kee! - 26 blocks

City Hall - 18 blocks

Masti's Deli - 17 blocks

Corona Tower - 20 blocks

Argyle Station - 17 blocks via seven-block long Vista Drive

Waldorf's Department Store - 23 blocks

Williams Street Apartments - 32 blocks (The complex stretches 9 blocks.)

The Docks and Harbor Shipyards - 34 blocks

Central Park - 24 blocks

Swizzel's Shoes - 19 blocks

The Luncheon Lady - 19 blocks

Stanwick Hill - 19 blocks

Additional City Locations Introduced in Later Books:

Interstate Transport Depot - 21 blocks

St. Anne's Church - 11 blocks

Bay City High School - 31 blocks

Bay City Police Department - 22 blocks

Stanners Tower - 13 blocks

First United Church - 13 blocks

Bay City Medical Building - 20 blocks by way of the Avenue C/Cowden Street overpass

Robeson Technologies Warehouse - 23 blocks by way of the Avenue G/Buda Street overpass

LUCKY! Station - 14 blocks just across the Avenue C/Cowden Street overpass

Shady Ridge Acres - 10 blocks north

Overlook Estates - Just over 20 blocks (backs up to Corona Tower)

Howie's Hoagies - 22 blocks by way of the Avenue C/Cowden Street overpass

Pill Hill - Approximately 20 blocks (adjacent to Corona Tower)

Tower Free Zone - 5 blocks

Bay City Fitness Run - 8 blocks (starting location)

The Cliffs - 8 blocks

Bay City Transportation Department - 18 blocks

Bay City Airport - 40 minutes south (take Sycamore towards the highway; then look for Airport signs)