Old City Hall

Bay City's Old City Hall is a neoclassical monolith that seems quarried from the stone where it sits.

Built in 1894, and having withstood two earthquakes (1915 and 1934), the building's gold dome rises triumphantly above the city. Predominatly built of granite (even the staircases), the old building's usefulness is limited by the size of the plot on which it stands. As the city grew up around it, it quickly became apparent that the designers of the old building underestimated the need for expansions over the next hundred plus years. That and retrofitting the ancient though beautiful structure for the electronic age made the cost of a new city hall suddenly very attractive.

The Old City Hall is now a museum and park, although the mayor does retain offices in the elegant building for meets-and-greets, formal events, and promotional purposes.

We first visit the Old City Hall in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.