Masti's Deli

Masti's Deli is located on Sycamore in the affluent Uptown section of East Side about four blocks from the influencial and domineering Corona Tower. If you want a specialty item, Masti's is your place of choice. The deli is also only four blocks from the boutiques and specialty restaurants that line upper Forest Avenue leading from the new City Hall directly to Corona Tower.

Just across Sycamore from Masti's is Shady Ridge Acres, an upscale residential area comprising tree-lined winding streets and numerous cul-de-sacs. Shady Ridge patrons reach Masti's via Tenth, crossing Sycamore, and going left one block to the delicatessen.

We first discover Masti's Deli in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.