Chad Sherwin

We first meet Chad Sherwin in Book 2 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Inside the Darkness, but the interaction between Garik Shayk and Chad is minimal. The two become better acquainted in Book 4, Reflections of the Silverback, when Garik meets the crippled hybrid in the hospital.

Chad has been successfully hybridized with the DNA of a bat — successful if you consider arms like wings and atrophied legs successful. Chad's face has also taken on the misshappen characteristics of a bat, making him appear deformed. His echolocation works perfectly, however, and it is the skill that enabled him to escape the research center.

Captured and returned, his ability to echolocate in the dark proved invaluable, and Chad's ability to fly was taken from him (hence, his functional prosthetic arms) and his lower limbs have been grafted on from an unsuccessful (and likely unwilling) hybridized human in the hopes he will one day be able to walk. Twenty surgeries later, Chad is still restricted to his electric wheelchair.

The Tower has been good to its word to provide Chad with the best of care. He drives a top-of-the-line Invacare Storm Series chair, complete with a high torque brushless motor. Chad may not be able to walk, but he can drive his chair like a madman.

One other characteristic that makes Chad unique is his voice. Like a bat, his vocal register is out of the range of normal human hearing. He uses a translation device that interprets his words and speaks for him. One thing the device fails at is inflection. Everything Chad says through the device comes out as polite and well-mannered, even when he is sarcastic or angry.