Uptown East Side

Bay City Uptown East Side

Most often referenced simply as Uptown, Uptown East Side is the center of Bay City life.

Uptown runs from Sycamore on its western edge to Bay City High on the east. North is Harbor Shipyards, a miniature city in its own right.

Just to the south over Ninth, the new City Hall grounds the line that separates the trendy Uptown area from the less fashionable Old Town.

While in Uptown, have lunch at Chow Down on the Corona Mall, visit Masti's Deli for a carry-out treat, and don't forget Swizzel's Shoes for the best footwear in the business. They even have a cobbler on site for maintaining your Gucci loafers.

If Chow Down isn't your style, there's always The Luncheon Lady. The hours are more limited, but no one can criticize the food or the service. Both are top notch.

A drive through Pill Hill will harken back to Bay City's old days when the Medical Center was located where Corona Tower now stands. The sprawling mansions and brownstones of Pill Hill showcase the city's elite. 

The less showy folk enjoy Overlook Estates. The homes are no cheaper, just less "in your face." Plus, many of the lots in Overlook have stunning views over The Marshes. Birding opportunities abound!

All-in-all, Uptown is the place to be in Bay City. You know you've made it when you can call Uptown home!

Right-click on the map, open it in a new window, and you can enlarge it for greater detail. Enjoy your visit to Bay City!