Bay City Fitness Run

The Bay City Fitness Run is a high-profile event each year that starts at the much-loved Old City Hall at First and Sycamore Avenue. While not a building or permanent venue in Bay City, the Fitness Run is held in the same location each year.

The Run always follows a similar course. Construction or traffic occasionally affects the course, but runners can expect to stay on the West Side, heading north for one block on Birch before turning west and following Second nine blocks to The Cliffs, an upscale residential area, then north along Alder for six blocks to Shady Ridge Acres. Another eight long blocks north and northwest, and the Run circles Waldorf's Department Store, one of the most iconic locations in Bay City. Two blocks northeast of Waldorf's, the course connects with Columbus and heads south back towards the Old City Hall nearly twenty blocks away. Columbus turns into Birch when it crosses Ninth and reaches the Old City Hall a double handful of blocks later.

The final leg of the Run is mostly uphill, and being at the end of the course, often defeats all but those in the best shape. Benches are set up along the way for weaker runners to rest, and shuttles are provided for those who cannot continue.

The Run is a great advertising opportunity for local businesses. Corona Tower is always a major sponsor. The Corona Tower logo is emblazoned on water bottles, sunglasses, caps, and more, all free to runners and those who turn out to cheer them on.

A food table is set up with drinks and pizza for anyone in attendance. After the completion of the Run, an award ceremony takes place at two in the afternoon on the Old City Hall lawn.

The Run starts in Bay City's Old Town West Side, but much of the course extends into the Downtown Bayside area. The two areas are separated by Ninth, with older buildings to the south and newer, more upscale construction to the north.

We learn about the Bay City Fitness Run in Book 4 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Reflections of the Silverback.