Stephen Klandermans has been modified with narwhal DNA for the purpose of bone regeneration. It is hoped that if successful, Stephen's adaptation will provide a viable genetic database for future travelers between the stars. 

Stephen has gray eyes and kinky blond hair normally worn in wiry dreads and favors tattered clothes which he chooses for comfort rather than style.

Stephen is quick to flash a smile, but he can also run over other people. He doesn't see his own flaws and so finds no reason to modify his interactions with others, even when they create conflicts. 

Stephen's home burned at age 13. He was at fault, although he's never told anyone. He weaves medicinal "amulets" into his dreadlocks and calls Devon "Dev."

Stephen was a gymnast in his native South Africa. He still sees himself as gymnast material, but others often get injured when he shows off.

We first meet Stephen in Book 5 of The Human-Hybrid Project, The Glass Siege.

Ineke Van Stekelenburg is slender and tall, with small eyes and dark hair.

If you are a careless speaker, trust Ineke to jump in and set you straight. She has an innate understanding of grammar and how it works. She has been labeled the grammar police by people who don't appreciate her skill. Ineke is prone to overpronunciation, although English is her native language.

Ineke can come across as aloof, even distant. She was dumped by a former boyfriend and feels scarred by the experience.

Ineke has been modified with an ant for strength. One side effect of her DNA melding is her ability to spit formic acid in defense. She carries a paper photo of herself "pre-hybrid" to remind herself that what she is now isn't what she always was.

We first meet Ineke in Book 5 of The Human-Hybrid Project, The Glass Siege.

Bert Ellis is the twin to Jacquelien Van Kessel, although no one would know to look at him.

Bert keeps his hair shaved over his right ear, and the rest tumbles in a bristly waterfall over the left side of his head. Bert wears net (see-through) long-sleeved black shirts. His shirts show off his black tattoos underneath. The shifting lines of the net material reveal the tats as mere shadows on his chocolate skin.

Bert has a perennial facial shadow, even after he shaves.

Bert is a man who knows how to get things done, although he has been known to posture for effect. Sometimes people see his posturing as a mask for hiding his lack of skills, but Bert knows what he can do and does it well.

Bert's black mark on his record is a lack of consideration in dealing with marginalized groups, especially concerning orientation. Bert has been known to say, "If God meant us to be that way, he'd have created us that way." He refuses to listen to any argument that says maybe that's exactly what happened.

Bert avoids relationships, citing his responsibility to the Project as his one and only duty.

Bert has been enhanced with seahorse DNA (along with Jacquelien Van Kessel) in the hopes that fathers of the future might one day bear young for the human race.

We first meet Bert in Book 5 of The Human-Hybrid Project, The Glass Siege.

Jacquelien Van Kessel is a blonde of Dutch extraction, although her family has lived in South Africa since colonial times.

Jacquelien's most distinctive feature is a red line tattooed from her widow's peak down her nose, past her mouth, and along her throat before disappearing into her shirt. Her lips are blue, either from makeup or a tattoo. 

Jacquelien's best quality is that she is open to anything. It's also her worst quality, because she is willing to try anything, even if it might be detrimental to her well-being. 

Growing up in South Africa, Jacquelien's childhood was haunted by the secret that her grandfather was a black tribal leader. Now, she revels in her black grandfather and seeks to find her identity in whatever she can learn about him. 

Jacquelien's teen angst over her identity still haunts her.

Jacquelien is one of two people modified with seahorse DNA in the hopes of resolving a reproduction issue. Not all women want to bear the young of their species, and that's where seahorses excel.

We first meet Jacquelien in Book 5 of The Human-Hybrid Project, The Glass Siege.

Lansana Opoku-Mensah is notable for the scarification around her eyes received over the course of numerous childhood ceremonies. A double row of scars circles each eye with a double line of scars also leading from between her eyebrows up and across her head. 

Lansana was traumatized by the scarification ceremonies and keeps her head shaved as a point of emphasis: This is what was done to me, and I refuse to let anyone forget.

Lansana's very long neck emphasizes her habit of tilting her head before she speaks. She prefers to listen and evaluate her surroundings before initiating a response. Although she can appear low-key and conciliatory, she refuses to be pushed around. Lansana says, "I didn't have a voice as a child, and I refuse to be unheard now."

Lansana has been modified with the DNA of a pangolin, or an armored anteater, giving her armored skin.

We first meet Lansana in Book 5 of The Human-Hybrid Project, The Glass Siege.