Lansana Opoku-Mensah

Lansana Opoku-Mensah is notable for the scarification around her eyes received over the course of numerous childhood ceremonies. A double row of scars circles each eye with a double line of scars also leading from between her eyebrows up and across her head. 

Lansana was traumatized by the scarification ceremonies and keeps her head shaved as a point of emphasis: This is what was done to me, and I refuse to let anyone forget.

Lansana's very long neck emphasizes her habit of tilting her head before she speaks. She prefers to listen and evaluate her surroundings before initiating a response. Although she can appear low-key and conciliatory, she refuses to be pushed around. Lansana says, "I didn't have a voice as a child, and I refuse to be unheard now."

Lansana has been modified with the DNA of a pangolin, or an armored anteater, giving her armored skin.

We first meet Lansana in Book 5 of The Human-Hybrid Project, The Glass Siege.