The Corona Tower Mall is known city-wide as simply "The Mall."

The mall covers a total of 64 city blocks, 8 blocks by 8 blocks, minus the footprint of the actual Tower. It is a venue for concerts, shows, and other publicized events.

When an event is scheduled, a wall surrounding the mall rises out of the ground to a height of twelve feet to enclose the mall area. Nominally, anyone can purchase tickets to the well-publicized mall events, but in reality, they are always sold out to the public.

Events on the mall always take place in the evenings. No one in Bay City knows anyone who has been able to procure a ticket. Everyone wants to.

We discover Corona Mall in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.

Chow Down is the casual open-air dining establishment in the food court on the ground floor of Corona Tower.

It's there for one reason only, a social front to ease the public impact of the research facility located in the Tower's secretive and off-limits basement levels. The inexpensive prices encourage the public to visit, and Chow Down is usually crowded, especially on the days following evening "events" on the attached Corona Mall.

Chow Down is the only dining option in the food court, but the dining choices are as varied as anyone could ask for. The eatery comprises the entire food court and features glass walls that rise into the Tower's superstructure, exposing a defining feature of the Tower's construction. The forty-story building rests on brick and steel stanchions with a central elevator at the core, like a giant spider ready to prey on its next meal. Chow Down is next to the elevator shaft, with seating spread out over the rest of the space. On its busiest days, Chow Down expands its seating area into the mall.

There is no crowd too large for Chow Down to host. Everyone is welcome! 

We first visit Chow Down in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.

Corona Tower's pool is strictly for Corona Tower residents and guests. You step from the elevator into a marble-floored foyer overseen by Kofi Mandela, the pool boy. If you visit the pool, towels (and even suits, if requested) are provided as part of the Corona Tower experience. The pool is heated and has a spa for those relaxing moments after a hard set of laps. 

The pool is touted as one of the Corona Tower's draws for the residents of Bay City, although few city residents have ever been inside the exclusive Stamford Suites section of the exclusive building where the pool is located.

We first visit the Corona Tower pool in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.

Stamford Suites is the luxury hotel located on floors 2-6 of Corona Tower. Guests have a concierge, a private elevator, and a private entrance located just off the top floor of the Corona Tower parking garage.

Guests (those visiting for the first time or who are unfamiliar with the Tower's special perks for repeat guests) can also gain entrance to the hotel through the Tower's main entrance in the food court. You must pass through the main lobby and enter the atrium first. Repeat guests are encouraged to park in the garage for convenience and security but most of all to emphasize the exclusivity of the Stamford Suites experience.

A passkey is issued to all guests and must be used when accessing the Stamford Suites guest elevator and for accessing rooms, the pool, or the Stamford Suites private restaurant, Stamford Suites Grill.

We first visit Stamford Suites in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.

The Corona Tower parking garage is located on the east side of the Tower, with direct access off Stamford Drive. Overlook Estates, an upscale, mixed-use residential development, also fronts Stamford across from the Tower. The garage entrance is carefully situated to fall into the middle of one of the Overlook Estates‘ blocks between Dartmouth Ct. and Oxford Ct. 

If the two-story garage seems inadequate to hold the vast numbers of cars that seem to enter and exit each day, that's because it is. The restricted and off-limits upper floor is accessible to registered guests of Stamford Suites only, and then, only after you have received your thumbprint registered passkey. There is no parking charge to users of the parking garage when they validate their parking with their Stamford Suites passkey, even should they choose to park on the ground level. 

Once inside the garage, left takes you up and is clearly marked Stamford Suites Only. Right takes you down and is marked Private. No Unauthorized Access. Directly ahead is clearly marked as Corona Tower Parking Public Access. A passkey or car tag is required to go either left or right. Most cars entering the garage go right.

From the street, no security cameras frame the entrance to the Corona Tower parking garage. Exclusivity is #1, touts Stamford Suites, and that applies to your entry and egress from the parking garage. Come and go when you like. No houses in Overlook Estates directly front Stamford, and for those that can see the Tower and the parking garage from their driveways, their security cameras are conveniently aimed at their garage doors, along their winding drives, or into their back yards. No one monitors you, coming or going, when you approach the Tower garage entrance along Stamford Drive. No one observes cars turning right once they enter the parking garage, either.

Privacy is #1, especially for those taking the Private entrance directly into the underground warrens of the Corona Tower's unknown and mysterious basement levels.

We learn of the Corona Tower Parking Garage in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.