Interstate Transport

Bay City is a West Coast transportation hub. Shipping, rail, and trucking are the three legs that keep Bay City's economy humming.

Interstate Transport is conveniently located just blocks from The Docks and adjacent to Argyle Station, Bay City's train hub. To access Interstate Transport, either take Circleview west from Sycamore for 11 blocks; or go north on Puritan from Ninth for 5 long blocks and go west on Circleview.

As a trucking company, Interstate Transport's business overlaps directly with The Docks and Harbor Shipyards. Many of Interstate Transport's trucks are container shipping rigs, some used nationwide, and others jockeying the shipping containers from the nearby waterfront to Argyle Station and back again.

At one time, Magnolia (which now dead ends into Ninth at Argyle Station) ran north all the way to Shorefront Blvd. Argyle Station expanded and consumed six long blocks of Magnolia, and Interstate Transport took the rest, all the way to Shorefront.

Interstate Transport is introduced in Book 6 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Taking the Tower.