Arik Oblonsky

Arik Oblonsky is Irina Shayk's deadbeat boyfriend.

Arik is several years younger than Irina, but his ego and brazen domination over Garik make him a man to be feared, even though they are only a few years apart in age.

Arik has difficulty holding down a job, either because the jobs he is qualified for tend to evaporate easily or because Arik doesn't handle authority well, or a combination of both.

Despite his arrogance and egocentric behavior, Arik is a good-looking man with strong features, a good build not yet gone to softness, and thick, lush hair. His jaw is often covered with stubble, and he smokes incessantly. Cleaned up, Arik would present himself well, but he rarely takes the time to do more than shower and occasionally shave.

Arik is gone from the apartment most days, but where he goes is a mystery to both Irina and Garik. For his part, Garik doesn't care. He is simply glad not to have to see Arik's face.

We first meet Arik in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.