Stamford Suites

Stamford Suites is the luxury hotel located on floors 2-6 of Corona Tower. Guests have a concierge, a private elevator, and a private entrance located just off the top floor of the Corona Tower parking garage.

Guests (those visiting for the first time or who are unfamiliar with the Tower's special perks for repeat guests) can also gain entrance to the hotel through the Tower's main entrance in the food court. You must pass through the main lobby and enter the atrium first. Repeat guests are encouraged to park in the garage for convenience and security but most of all to emphasize the exclusivity of the Stamford Suites experience.

A passkey is issued to all guests and must be used when accessing the Stamford Suites guest elevator and for accessing rooms, the pool, or the Stamford Suites private restaurant, Stamford Suites Grill.

We first visit Stamford Suites in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.