Garik's Quarters

Garik's quarters in the Corona Tower research facility are quite spacious, if still a prison of sorts, one he cannot escape, with lockable doors and no outside access.

He is initially located on the B2 level in room 17. His room is equipped with a bedside table with a lamp and a clock. A small desk is across the room holding, and this surprises Garik when he first wakes in the room, a computer monitor and keyboard. There is even enough space for a small sofa facing a good-size television.

Across the room is Garik's bed, normally rumpled, with his shape still in the sheets, revealing a slender youth of average size.

He has a private bathroom with a full-length mirror, and one wall in the apartment is dominated by a large window covered by blinds. The view outside when Garik first wakes is of his family home in Russia, with the rock house his grandpapa built with his own hands, the tree Garik used to climb as a boy, and a bird that occasionally flies into the sky when the wind blows. It seems that through Garik's window, it is always summer, the grass is always green, and the same bird always flies from the same limb in the old tree.

Fancy that. He is in the basement of Corona Tower, after all.

We first visit Garik's quarters in Book 2 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Inside the Darkness.