Robeson Technologies Warehouse

The Robeson Building housed a technology company for the first twenty years of its existence, but they crashed and burned in a Stock Market downturn, leaving the building for sale or lease.

A perfect opportunity for Dieter Schafer's father for conversion into an indoor skate park for his son.

The building is an open-span structure finished out with a small office with windows fronting the street, a kitchenette, and a half bath in the break area. It is in an older part of Bay City, located at Royal and Coolidge, near Bay City Industrial Park. The Ransom Building is 8 blocks west, but Royal doesn't cross the powerline right-of-way. You must go south on Powerline Drive to the Avenue G Bridge, west over the right-of-way, then north one block on Connel. The Ransom splits Connel into north and south. You will need to travel Summit Ct. W around the Ransom to get back on Connel to head into Uptown and Corona Tower.

The Robeson is 5 blocks from Kang's Garage on Meyers, 9 blocks from Bay City Medical (via Industrial), and 8 blocks from First Street, which leads to Sycamore and down to The Docks and Harbor Shipyards.

We first visit the Robeson Building in Book 4 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Reflections of the Silverback.