Garik lives in Old Town, the original part of Bay City. Old Town is a food desert with no large grocery stores, and Fasst Market fills in the gaps for those who cannot travel outside the city center to shop at larger, better stocked facilities. Fasst Market is located on First Street, about halfway between Garik's home and Ninth. Purple disposable plastic bags labeled Fasst Market are regularly seen in and around Bay City, especially in Old Town.

We first discover Fasst Market in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.


City View Apartments is located at Maple and Avenue D in the Old Town section of Bay City.

Garik Shayk lives with his aunt in her two-bedroom apartment in the City View tower block. Marisa Bruni and her family also live at City View, the best thing that Garik could imagine. He is in love with her and has been since they were small, although he's never figured out just how to express that love to her or define what he really feels. He simply knows that he thinks about her constantly and wants to spend as much time with her as possible.

Garik and Marisa enjoy spending time on the building's roof watching the stars overhead. From the roof of City View, they can hear the music from the Corona Tower events on the mall, although the name City View is a misnomer. The building has no views of the city at all, just other buildings that hide the city from them.

The apartment building has interior stairs and open walkways with iron railings leading to the apartments. The windows on the front side of the building open to the exposed hallways, and in the back, they look out to an enclosed court where nothing much happens.

Behind the stairs is a long corridor that reveals chain link lockups for the residents, the one good thing about living in City View Apartments. They provide room to keep things that won't fit in the tiny apartments on the floors above.

City View's parking is gated at night. Old Town isn't especially dangerous, but it's on its way down and out. When things are left for the taking, sometimes they do get taken. Garik parks his Street Strider bike behind the gate, and he has it locked and alarmed, too. It's not been bothered, and he hopes to keep it that way.

We are introduced to City View Apartments in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.


We Got Junk is located on Maple just off Ninth Street, perfect for reclaiming materials from home renovations in the upscale Shady Ridge Acres a block to the north (just across Ninth) and The Cliffs to the west 4 blocks. 

The resale shop's address might be on Maple, but it does have parking and an entrance directly on Ninth. The shop is in Bay City's Old Town West Side area, but the dividing line between Old Town and the trendier Bayside to the North is Ninth, and Downtown Bayside traffic drives the shop's sales.

Wesji Scarab inherited the business from his Uncle Ronji several decades back and has focused on repurposing equipment both for the affuent people to the north and west and the less affluent Old Town neighborhoods. The business does so well, Wesji bought an older home on Vista in The Cliffs neighborhood and is remodeling it with the best of the We Got Junk inventory.

We Got Junk is Garik's go-to source for used equipment when he needs to repair his Street Strider (or anything else). Wesji ususally lets Garik work off what he needs in time around the shop rather than with money (which Garik never seems to have).

We first visit We Got Junk in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.

Owned by Marisa Bruni's parents, The Flower Shop is four blocks from City View Apartments where Garik's and Marisa's families live. In the story, it is simply known as the flower shop. The Flower Shop faces Sycamore and takes up the remnants of a city block left when Sycamore was widened from two lanes to five years before. The Flower Shop also fronts on Avenue C and Elm, although the Elm Street entrance is reserved for deliveries.

We first visit The Flower Shop in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.

The Cliffs is old money.

And old houses ... but in general most are highly maintained, and The Cliffs remains a desirable place for Bay City residents to live. Just mentioning that you live in The Cliffs gives you an air of respectability you may or may not deserve. Even your old car becomes a matter of choice rather than necessity. You live in The Cliffs! What more is there to say?

In reality, while many of the old homes are routinely updated, some residences in the neighborhood that need extensive work occasionally come on the market, providing people who are willing to work hard an opportunity to step up into a richies lifestyle without the richies level of investment.

The Cliffs is on the far west side of Bay City and stretches from First to Ninth. Only three streets run through The Cliffs: Cliffview, Vista Drive, and Terrace. Of the three, Cliffview sits directly on the basalt cliff face rising above the tracks leading to Argyle Station and has the best views.

Cliffview and Vista open to First in the south and Ninth to the north and run unbroken the entire seven blocks. Terrace opens to Alder in two locations, at Second and Washington. Eighth Street ends at Laurel four blocks to the east, leaving the street names on the north end of The Cliffs going from Sixth to Washington, then to Ninth.

Wesji Scarab of We Got Junk bought an older home on Vista in The Cliffs neighborhood and is remodeling it with the best of the We Got Junk inventory, proving that opportunities for the good life are open to every class of people in Bay City.

We first visit The Cliffs in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.