Callie Fornya

Callie Fornya was an Olympic medalist who suffered a back injury in the final event of her Olympic competition.

She’s never competed again but loves the lifestyle. Her hair is a natural copper that she wears in a complementary bob, and the color accents her green eyes. She handles the finances and advertising for Ai Kee! and enjoys being the poster girl on all the ads for The Martial Arts Center's advertising campaign, “Olympic Quality Facilities. For the Olympian in You!”

The reality is that as pretty as she is, Callie dresses martial arts and talks the talk, but she can no longer walk the walk. 

Callie is adored by the star of Ai Kee!, Kevin Lee, but as far as Kevin can tell, Callie doesn't know he's alive. 

We first meet Callie in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.