Harbor Shipyards

Harbor Shipyards is located ten blocks north of Corona Tower. 

The Shipyards doesn't directly abut Bay City proper. The marshy tidal basin known in Bay City as The Marshes (or the floodlands) separates Bay City and Harbor Shipyards.

To better describe the relationship between the two, the Bay City shorefront (and The Docks) stretches along the northwest boundary of Bay City. Shorefront Drive runs from Cassel Dunes in the west along the shore and ends in the marshy floodlands to Bay City's northeast at the gates to Harbor Shipyards. Harbor Shipyards extends north of the floodlands and is built on a massive rock ledge. Over the years, the facility has expanded over the water, providing natural wet and dry dock opportunities perfect for one of the largest shipyards on the West Coast.

Harbor Shipyards is a city of sorts unto itself, with city-center warehouses, skyscrapers of overhead cranes, and housing suburbs for workers. The waterfront, on-site medical facilities, and the Shipyards Cafeteria (open to the public) round out the city vibe.

From Bay City at night, the lights of the working shipyard reflect off the bay and create a magical effect. From Cassel Dunes, the Shipyards becomes romantic, the lights twinkling like an American Venice on a star-studded night.

 We first learn of Harbor Shipyards in Book 1 of The Human-Hybrid Project, Shattered by Glass.